2Ao o Atua5230
3Avondale PIPC0000
3EFKS South0000
3Glen Eden PIPC0000
3Kanana Fou EFKAS0000
3Manukau PIPC0000
3Mountain Boys0000
3New Lynn EFKS0000
3Newton PIPC0000
3North Shore PIPC0000
3Otara PIPC0000
3PIC Presbyterian0000
3Papakura PIPC0000
3Pentecostal Boys0000
3Povi Po’a0000
3Ranui PIPC0000
3Satauro Wiri PIPC0000
3Tama ole Aeto0000
3Tama ole Malaka0000
3Tama ole Meko0000
3Tamaki PIPC0000


133 Uso’s0000
1Avondale PIPC0000
1Black Widows0000
1GI Kaloliko0000
1Glen Eden PIPC0000
1Manukau PIPC0000
1Newton PIPC0000
1North Shore PIPC0000
1Otara PIPC0000
1Papakura PIPC0000
1Ranui PIPC0000
1Satauro Wiri PIPC0000
1Tamaki PIPC0000
1Teine EFKS0000
1Teine ole Meko0000


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